What type of oil does a honda civic take

What type of oil does a honda civic take

To do that, one of the key maintenance requirements is changing the oil, using only the right type and amount.

What type and capacity of oil does the 2019 Honda Civic need?  

The type of oil required for the Honda Civic depends, in part, on the engine in the vehicle. It also depends on the size of the transmission. It’s always best to follow manufacturer guidelines. Generally, this means using SAE 0w-20 is the right type. You may need between 3.7 and 5.7 quarts of oil to fill it. 

Getting the oil type and amount right is one thing. Knowing why this matter is different. We’ll provide you with some insight into what you can expect from your car. You can also check out the latest maintenance and other needs using your 2019 Honda Civic’s Vehicle History.

The 2019 Honda Civic is a fun car to drive for many reasons. The body and interior are nice enough, but the turbocharged engine under the hood helps to give this vehicle more power and better performance. If you are planning to purchase a compact car or you own one, it’s important to do what it takes to keep these features working their best.

A component of that is providing routine maintenance and upkeep, including changing the oil. The problem is, you may not know what your car needs.

The 2019 Honda Civic was available in five trims – LX sedan, Sport Sedan, EX Coupe, Touring Coupe, and Sport Touring Hatchback. The vehicles offer a 6-speed transmission as the standard model. You can upgrade to the available CVT if you are looking for higher performance.

Some drivers will also benefit from the 1.5L (91 ci) 4-cylinder engine. It is an upgrade over the standard model, but many love the power it brings with it. The other option is a 2.0L (122 ci) 4-cylinder engine. Both are good performers, but you have to know what’s right for you.

  • The 2.0L 4-cylinder vehicle with a CVT gets 158 horsepower at 6500 RPMs
  • The 1.5L 4-cylinder turbo CVT engine gets 174 horsepower at 6000 RPMs

We talk a lot about protecting the vehicle’s engine with routine oil changes. That’s important, but it is also important because it impacts fuel economy. You want to ensure your engine is working optimally to save on gas consumption.

The 2019 Honda Civic offers some excellent EPA estimates. For example, the 1.5- 4-cylinder turbo CVT engine gets 32 city and 42 highway, for a combined 36 miles per gallon.

What type of oil does a honda civic take

The 2019 Honda Civic requires 0w-20 for all engines. This viscosity is best for the vehicle because it properly lubricates the engine and pulls heat from it. The Honda Civic owner’s manual notes that there are some exceptions where you can use 5w-20 oil. For example, on a limited basis if no other product is available.

The two engine options available for this vehicle require different amounts of oil. The larger the engine is, the more oil it needs to move through the components. It is always important for you not to overfill the engine oil.

If you do, it may seep into the engine itself or leak to a fire. There’s no benefit to overfilling the oil in any situation.

The 2.0L engine requires 5.8 quarts of oil. The 1.5L engine holds 3.7 quarts. Be sure to use a full synthetic oil.

The oil in a vehicle is not like the gas. It does not burn up and simply need to be refilled. Rather, you need to drain the oil from the vehicle and refill it with clean oil over time. This is necessary because the oil will pick up particles and debris as it moves through the engine. The more material in the oil, the more dangerous it is to the engine’s function.

However, it is also important to check the oil in your 2019 Honda Civic on a regular basis. Try to do this at least one time every month. Doing so allows you to spot potential risks. This includes oil that is burning off or oil leaks. If the oil is not at the right level, you need to top it off. Don’t allow the vehicle to run on too little oil as that can significantly damage the engine.

That’s why it is important to know how to check the oil on your 2019 Honda Civic. To do this, follow these steps.

  • Open the hood of the vehicle. Make sure the vehicle has been off and not running for about 20 to 30 minutes. This ensures the oil has drained back into the pain.
  • You’ll notice a yellow pull tab. It’s located on the driver’s side. You’ll also notice the oil cap. This cap lists the type of oil to add to your car for easy reference.
  • Pull the tab out toward you, then wipe it clean. The first reading is not accurate.
  • Locate the bottom hash marks on the dipstick. That’s where the oil should be.
  • Reinsert the oil dipstick into the vehicle and pull it out again. Make sure the oil is between those hash marks.

If you are feeling up to it, you can also change the oil in a 2019 Honda Civic. To help you do that, check out this video. It breaks down the process step-by-step.

When you own a 2019 Honda Civic, getting an oil change is necessary, no matter if you do it yourself or take it into the dealership. Be sure to document the maintenance you are doing as well. For more tips on your 2019 Honda Civic, check it’s Vehicle History.

What type of oil does a honda civic take
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Top Answer

James B. December 28, 2020

The 2019 Honda Civic oil type and capacity is 0w-20 and 3.7 quarts. Having high quality oil is important for the engine to run smoothly. You will run into issues with the oil at some point. Bad oil can cause the engine to stop working. A common problem is an awful burning smell. This needs to be inspected as soon as possible or the car might explode. Knocking noise may arise from the engine. You could experience poor gas mileage. Your oil needs to be replaced eventually. Every 5,000 to 10,000 miles is a good rule of thumb. If You don't replace it, there will be issues with the engine.

Please tell me Best engion oil for Honda Civic 2020 model

david harper October 23, 2020

False information The 2.0 4cyl holds 4.4 quarts with a new filter, 4.2 quarts if the old filter is left on. DO NOT PUT 5.7 qts. In it.

The 2019 Honda Civic uses a full synthetic oil SAE 0W-20, in all temperatures. The 1.5L 4 -cylinder engine holds 3.7 quarts and the 2.0L 4 -cylinder engine has the capacity for 5.7.

david harper October 23, 2020

False information. The 2.0 4cyl takes 4.4 qts. With a new filter.

Ams oil 0W-20

Brandon November 16, 2020

My 2.0 took about 5 and a half quarts


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